2022 Gift Guide


Welcome to the 2022 Carley’s Angels Gift Guide!  It's like a scavenger hunt, but inside the curated list of gifts that give back there is something we’re giving to you.

Find the free gift and let our 2022 Gift Guide help you find the perfect something for every someone on your list.

Ice Princess

Perfect stocking stuffer for the skater or outdoor pony tail person in your life! Featuring a fold over patch with a reminder to always smile, and a story to warm anyones heart. Proceeds support integrative cancer care.


Steps Ankle Socks

Carley was always on the move, getting her steps, on the ice, on the track and at the barn!
The Steps Ankle Socks were made for those days you’re constantly on the move! While your running errands or literally running whenever you look down, you will be greeted with Carley’s motto “Always Smile” on the top of your socks for you to see!



To make or form a connection with or between. You can’t have one without the other, so we linked them. One charm that says “always” on that says “smile” linked together in our adjustable new release.


Hold Dear

To hold a collection of your dearest things, so you can always hold them dear. Wether you use this gorgeous little pouch as a pencil case, jewellery holder, toiletry bag or anything else you can dream to use it for, it will be the perfect reminder to always find a reason to smile.This pouch is hand sewn canvas and hand stitched in “Carley Blue” by local Toronto artisan Quinnie Plan of Handmade By Quinne .


Always Smile: Carley Allison's Secrets to Laughing, Loving and Living. 

Give inspiration or get inspired this winter. Always Smile is a true story of bravery, courage and an unwavering determination to "always smile". 

FREE with purchases over $25
** you will be prompted to add this free gift to your order at checkout


Each Carley’s Angels Scrunchy was hand sewn with love by a local small business owner from Newmarket, Ontario Canada! Each is 100% cotton and has an elastic on the inside.



Hand made by the lovely and talented Moon K, from Calgary Alberta, who makes our Sip Inspire Repeat Mugs. These ceramic ornaments are made to last and only available while our supplies last.



Take a deep breath, and let inhale calm your home. Inhale, aromatherapy candles. Made by local Toronto artist – The Good Soy, whose little sister was elementary school friends with our Carley!


Sweet Dreams

Rest your head, decorate your home and remember of course to “always smile”, with our second iteration of our best selling pillow. Adorned with embroidered lettering and tassels to match! The pillow it self is cream and the tassels and lettering are a soft white, ideal for elevating any home aesthetic!


Sunday Waffles Suit

That feeling when you wake up on a Sunday to the smell of waffles, knowing that there is nothing on today’s agenda… We turned it into sweat suits that support integrative cancer care.Enjoy our latest addition to the Sunday Smiles collection any day of the week! As PJ’s, Work From Home wear, your weekend wardrobe in or out of the house, any time any where really these days anything goes! Available in 5 colour and style combinations! 


Serenity Slippers

Just like our “Feet Up Socks” our serenity slippers are all about rest. Rest is critical for everyone, cancer patients included, and when you walk around in your serenity slippers you can rest easy knowing all proceeds support the well being of a cancer patient! 



The Carley's Angles winter staple, Halo. This hat features a cashmere blend, fold over leather patch, better fit and topped off with a huge pom pom available in 6 colour combos. As always all proceeds support integrative cancer care!

From: Carley's Angels

Mini Halo

The Carley's Angles winter staple for the little ones in your life, Mini Halo. This hat features a cashmere blend, fold over leather patch, better fit and topped off with a huge pom pom available in 6 colour combos. As always all proceeds support integrative cancer care!

From: Carley's Angels

Snow Angels

Introducing the revamped Snow Angel! Tighter knit, warmer inside, cleaner profile and cashmere wool blend! Our kind of snow angel represents playfulness and beauty. One that is so beautiful that to look at her is like staring into the heavens up above. Keep your hands and heart warm with the purchase of our “snow angels” mittens. Made for playing in the snow, ice skating, holding hot chocolate and pretty much anything else that requires being in the cold and looking cute! Something Carley was VERY good at! Made in 3 colours. 



During the past unprecedented times we have time to reflect on what matters most. This piece was created in honour of embraces we will never take for granted again. Proceeds support integrative cancer care.

From: Carley's Angels


Having or showing grace or elegance.vAnyone who saw Carley on the ice knew that she embodied grace. Even though we’d all like to skate like Car, you can still embody grace while wearing her legacy, the stunning drop pearl earrings graceful.



Our #1 best seller necklace! Cheeky, lively, smart, saucy, slightly impudent, mouthy, cocky, energetic, loud and extremely talkative. Possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool. Need we explain why we chose this word? She was too cool for us mere mortals.This stainless steel necklace is the perfect combination of style and durability. Just as beautiful but tough as nails. Just like someone else we know.


Gabby's Gift

The Ultimate Gift That Gives Back!

How it works: You purchase Gabby's Gift in their honour, we then gift a cancer warrior a personalized care package from Carley's Angels ($150 value), and your loved one gets a card thanking them for their support of Gabby's gift, including a little information on the Cancer warrior they supported! All this for $55. Yes, thats it! Give the ultimate gift that gives back.

Send a Gabby's Gift, purchase a Gabby's Gift for a Carley's Angels selected cancer warrior or give Gabby's Gift in honour of someone on your list, we will mail the honouree a thank you card with some details on the cancer warrior their Gabby's Gift Supported.... the possibilities are endless.


Or simply, make a donation in your loved ones honour to Carley's Angels, together we can make integrative cancer care accessible to all! All honourees of donations will be mailed or emailed a personalized thank you card for their support!

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