Nat Necklace

Est. 2015 Collection 
Named after Carley’s Angels OG Natalie Beaton

This was the very first Carley’s Angels jewellery peice ever made. Originally launched as “Intense”, now re laucnhed in the Est.2015 collection and known as Natalie.

The Est. 2015 collection was created to celebrate and honour 5 years since the inception of the Carley’s Angels. 5 years ago we said goodbye to our angel. And 5 years ago we said yes to making it our mission to honour her legacy.

5 year later we want to celebrate many of the OG’s who were there for Carley through thick and thin. Those same incredible individuals who helped us get Carley’s Angels off the ground and who are still here to look back and see how far we’ve come. We are so thankful that our Carley and her contagious smile brought these amazing individuals together.

  • 18” Sterling Silver Chain
  • 9x25mm Rectangle Charm
  • Additional Heart Charm with CA stamped
  • Charm is Stainless Steel
  • Handmade in Toronto, ON
  • All Proceeds Support The Carley’s Angels Foundation

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