Limited Edition Crochet Monkey

If you were one of the lucky 800 guests who got tickets to the Toronto Premiere of Kiss and Cry, you may have also been one of the 15 lucker guests, to pick up one of these limited edition Carley Blue Monkeys before they sold out in under 30mins!

In honour of “George” the little monkey stuffie that accompanied Carley to all her treatments, our dear friend Mara created these Carley Blue Crochet Monkeys to sell at the premiere to raise funds for Carley’s Angels. And now, 4 years later, Mara has made us 10 more!

Min $40 donation per Monkey, and one per transaction.

  • 12cm x 5cm
  • Hand Crocheted in St. Thomas Ontario
  • 100% of the profits go to Carley’s Angels Foundation

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