Just Move 2022


This weekend you turned Just Move, into the global movement of our wildest dreams. You all moved, and many multiple times, in the name of your health and the health of cancer patients. You made us so proud! Oh and you also raised a record $31,625, for creating access to integrative cancer care!!! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, for making Just Move the move(ment) we all knew it could be! Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, donors, crew members and anyone who supported, this is all because of you!

Catch all the highlights from this year’s Just Move!

“Movement is a powerful force to support your physical and mental health”

This year, Just Move is all about what positive movement drives you. Move for strength, empowerment, fulfillment, health, confidence, for those who can’t, a loved one, or friend. Move with us on February 26-27 for the global movement event in support of Carley’s Angels working to create integrative cancer care accessible for all.

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