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"Not all of us have been fortunate enough to have been touched by an angel. But most, if not all of us, have been touched by cancer. Where the angel and the cancer meet is where our story begins."

- Bryan Auld

Executive Director



She always said “My life is not a tragedy” and I promised I would never let it be. That was a promise I made to my best friend of 19 years at 3am, during chemotherapy. She was receiving what we called “safe chemo”, administered by a naturopath in North York, in conjunction with radiation administered at Princess Margaret Hospital downtown Toronto.

We knew, thanks to our incredible support system, that we would always have the support to explore all of the treatment options. That gave us hope, something many cancer patients and their families aren’t able to dream of.

That’s really when I knew how best to honour Car’s legacy. I’ve always had a passion for health, from my H.Bsc from McMaster to my Masters in Medical Sciences from U of T. I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of medicine to best reflect today’s patient and my knack for marketing doesn’t hurt either!

Although I’ve had obvious reasons not to smile, when I do, it’s the kind that starts in my eyes and fills my entire face.


My go-to smile is the one that start with the crinkles in the corner of my eyes

Director of Strategy



From the time that Carley’s Angels was just a clever name Carley came up with for our 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer team, I was there. However, this all started long before cancer met Carley. I grew up with the Allison girls and consider them my sisters. It has been an honour and truly rewarding to witness and have a hand in the growth of this organization over the past 5 years. I am inspired and ready for the next 5 as we take Integrative Cancer Care mainstream!

Spending 2.5 years on the senior leadership team of a small business exposed me to budgeting, special projects, and business planning. That time in my career provided me with the tools I use today in my role as the Director of Strategy.

I have been a planner since kindergarten and pursued this passion formally while attending George Brown College for Special Event Management. That experience has allowed me to lead Carley’s Angels’ event planning and fundraising efforts since the beginning!


My go-to smile is Genuine with a slight crinkle in the bridge of my nose!

Director of Marketing



My Carley’s Angels journey began in 2014 when I first met Carley and her incredible support system at Queen’s University at the first annual Puck Cancer game, organized to support and honour Carley. From that very first moment, I have continuously been inspired and motivated by Carley’s inspirational story and message of "always smile". I have had the privilege of working with Carley’s Angels over the years and am a proud Carley’s Angels Ambassador - sharing her story one smile at a time.

Carley’s story touches countless lives around the world and her legacy is carried on through the tireless work of her dedicated friends and family behind the scenes. I hope through my role as Ambassador Coordinator, we will continue to fill our world with more positivity and hope. Together, our dedicated ambassadors will champion the motto “always smile”, just like Carley.

My go-to smile is one that goes from ear to ear so that it’s contagious and others smile too

Director of Volunteer Engagement



My Carley's Angels story began early! When the Allison girls and I were young, our mother's ran together. Being elite athletes, they trained a lot, leaving the kids to entertain themselves.

The Allisons were always treasured family friends, ones that we saw for fun family dinners, and walks with our feisty Jack Russels. I can say with certainty that Carley had a profound effect on me. 

I've always felt a strong connection with volunteering as a way that I can give back to causes I strongly believe in. When I was approached by Carley's Angels to fulfil the open Direction of Volunteer Engagement position, I didn't hesitate. An opportunity to support the legacy of a young woman whose tenacity, compassion and spirit that I admired was one I couldn't refuse.

I've previously coordinated and supported volunteer teams inside the not for profit sector, including the Special Olympics and Best Buddies Canada. Carley's Crew is full of engaged, hardworking and committed volunteers who make my job a breeze!


My go-to smile is of the kind that hurts, so good! The one where you remember your fondest memory, and it brings on a smile so big that your cheeks ache. That's my favourite smile!




What happens when you lose a child?  

My world shattered. My logical side was scared about the impact on our family, but my emotional side was very angry. No family should have to go through our pain or Carley’s pain. Our family is strong, but I am still angry and that is what drives me. Families need support. Their loved ones need care and sometimes that care goes beyond traditional health care. We need to make it easier for others to get what they need. Carley’s Angels is a passion with a mission for me and our family. Raising our daughters was a joyful passion. The path to the Olympics provided focus and discipline. Building our family business kept me dedicated and motivated. But Carley’s Angels is just more…

My go-to smile is one that puts those I greet at easy while making me feel confident and kind all at the same time.

Retail Coordinator



As a childhood friend of the Allison girls, Carley’s Angels has been important to me since its inception.

Carley’s energy, smile, and zest for life were contagious and I am honoured to continue to work towards the goal she had set. My eye for fashion, meticulous organization and creativity landed me the Retail Coordinator role.

With 2 years under my belt, I am ready to take the Carley’s Angels retail department to the next level!

My go-to smile is a fake laugh but still trying to be natural