Our Purpose & Values

Carley’s Angels is creating access to integrative cancer care for all patients by partnering with our community and world class cancer centers to fund equitable and accessible programs to put the human touch back in cancer care. In honour of our namesake and forever angel, Carley Allison, we aim to break down every barrier with innovative and targeted programs.


Fostering a space of belonging for those fighting cancer and adversity, seaking hope, and a desire to connect and ignite in our collective mission. We continue to build a community that our angel started and was supported by.


Human-centered; within the walls of hospitals, the bounds of our community, and throughout the Carley’s Angels organization. We will treat you as human first and fund programs that will do the same with compassion and kindness.


We promise to always communicate transparently with our community and spend each dollar with integrity.


Developing creative and unique fundraising strategies to fund groundbreaking cancer care programs that make an impact on the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones.


To Carley’s Angels, to our programs, and to cancer care. We promise to keep accessibility at the forefront of everything we do and everyone we encounter along the way. 

Carley’s Angels is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace and community. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of all employees, stakeholders, and external personnel.

At Carley’s Angels we are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels they belong and that their dignity, beliefs, and identity are respected. To achieve this, we strive to create a supportive work environment and an inclusive culture that welcomes everyone. We will comply with all applicable legislation in pursuit of these endeavours.

We are also committed to observing, developing, learning, and following best practices to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in every area of our organization including in our advocacy and cancer care programs and initiatives.

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