In Loving Memory of Marylou McKeough


On Friday, November 3rd, Marylou McKeough passed away with her son, Andy, by her side. Andy is a member of the Carley’s Angels executive team and has a deep connection to the Carley’s Angels story.
As we all know, cancer touches us all, and Carley’s story had a profound impact on Marylou and her cancer story. Not many know that both her father – Stephen Mankowski – and brother – Steve Mankowski – lost their battles to cancer too early in life. In 2016, Marylou’s beloved husband, Charlie, would be diagnosed with cancer. Even with the devastating news, Marylou would continue to dedicate the rest of her life to caring for her husband. Truly till death did they part.
In remembrance of the life of Marylou, we are honoured to continue her lasting legacy as a nurse in healthcare and ask that, in lieu of flowers or gifts, you make a donation in her honour, no matter the amount.

Please make your donation in memory of “Marylou McKeough” for ease of tracking.



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