27,000 Steps Closer

To pushing the boundaries of cancer care

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This past weekend, you pushed your selves and the boundaries of cancer care 27,000 steps closer to a world where integrative cancer care is accessible to all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to our 311 participants, 15 sponsors, 13 teams, 10 Ambassadors, 4 volunteers and everyone else involved! You are the reason someones cancer journey will be a little more hopeful.

What was Just Sweat?

Just Sweat was a two day, virtual event where we come together to get sweaty in support of integrative cancer care. Anytime, anywhere, over the two event days, we put our sweat activated shirts on and got sweaty. As we sweat the sweat activated shirt reveals the event logo! Participants shared their sweaty after photos on social media or via email and we collected them all below.



Step 1: On July 24th or 25th put on your sweat activated swag.

Step 2: Pick your activity and start sweating! Not sure what activity to do? Join us on Zoom, for one (or more) of our instructor-led movement sessions! Want to sweat on your own? Just Sweat to one of our curated playlists on Spotify.

Step 4: Share your “after” photos with us on social media by tagging @carleysangels, or via email to info@carleysangels.ca for a chance to win prizes!

Early Bird Sweat-er

Be the first participant to get their sweat on the day of July 24h or 25th and post or email your photo in to be crowned the "Early Bird Sweat-er". First photo tagged or emailed in each day wins!

Saturday Winner - Sherri & Brittany Lieberman
Sunday Winner - Kristy Langridge

Longest Sweat Sesh

Be the participant who sweats for the longest. Longest sweat session each day wins!

Saturday Winner - Lindsay Sleesor
Sunday Winner - Tudor Udroiu

Most Creative Sweat-er

Be the participant who sweats doing the most creative activity. On winner over the 2 days!

Weekend Winner - Melissa Migues

Marathon Sweat-er

Be the participant who sweats participating in the most guided movement sessions provided by Carley's Angels on Zoom. Attend the most across the two days and be crowned a Marathon Sweat-er!

Weekend Winner - Melissa Allder


We could't do this without you!

Can't Sweat with us on July 24th or 25th?

Don't worry you can still support  through our Door Prize. Purchase your Door Prize entries support Integrative Cancer Care below.


Interested in volunteering for Just Sweat?

Applications are now closed, thanks so much for your interest!

For all other inquiries please email info@carleysangels.ca

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