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You moved us for our 5-year milestone


We asked you to reflect on what moves you for our 5th milestone of Just Move, and we learned an enormous amount. That we all move for so many reasons: our health, our families, for cancer care, for a specific patient, for the love of a sport, for you. That’s what makes Just Move so special.

We all move for our own reasons but are united in a legacy that connects us all, Carley’s story. Together, we broke all the records. This year, we had 408 movers and raised over $43,000. That is nearly $10,000 more then last year and we couldn’t be more grateful!

We are proud to know Carley continues to inspire anyone fighting adversity. No matter the reason we moved this weekend, the outcome was the same, each mover supported Carley's Angels, as we work to create access to integrative cancer care. Thank you!


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Thank you to all the incredible teams who joined us for the 5th milestone of Just Move, we broke our record, having 17 teams participate!


Award Winner: Landi wasn’t only a unanimous choice for the Carley's Angels team after reading what her nominators wrote, but she was also nominated 3 times by her peers. 

Congratulations Landi, we are honoured to have had you join us for the 5th milestone of Just Move! Watching your video of you moving only 4 days post surgery was inspiring, and reminded us of a few other incredible women we know, one the namesake of this award.


A 2-day event where participants come together in person & virtually from around the world to get moving for their mental and physical health in support of integrative cancer care.


Most Creative Movement - Friday: Kristen Nuhn

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Most Creative Movement - Saturday: Devin Guy

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Most Creative Movement - Sunday: Ryan Alizadeh

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