Just Move 2022


This weekend you turned Just Move, into the global movement of our wildest dreams. You all moved, and many multiple times, in the name of your health and the health of cancer patients. You made us so proud! Oh and you also raised a record $31,625, for creating access to integrative cancer care!!! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, for making Just Move the move(ment) we all knew it could be! Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, donors, crew members and anyone who supported, this is all because of you!

Catch all the highlights from this year’s Just Move!


"Movement is a powerful force to support your physical and mental health"

This year, Just Move is all about what positive movement drives you. Move for strength, empowerment, fulfillment, health, confidence, for those who can’t, a loved one, or friend. Move with us on February 26-27 for the global movement event in support of Carley’s Angels working to create integrative cancer care accessible for all.


On February 26th and/or 27th put on your heat activated gear.


At anytime, anywhere doing any positive movement that drives you, Just Move.


When you're done moving the Just Move logo on the back of your shirt will have changed colour!


Share your after photos with us on social by using our templates or tagging us. Not on social? No worries, you can still join the move(men)t by emailing us your photos at info@carleysangels.ca

How your heat activated shirt works!


Have you touched your Just Move swag yet? Notice any changing colours? This year, we’re trying something new with our merch. Introducing heat activation in our clothing - as you move and get warm, the shirt will reveal a hidden message!


It's Not Too Late To Participate!


If your friends or family missed out on participating in Just Move, there is still time to purcahse swag for delivery after the event!

If you’re interested in other Carley’s Angels products, visit our store for the full lineup of jewellery, apparel, and accessories. All proceeds go towards our mission of making integrative cancer care a reality for all.


Not sure how to get moving? Our Movement partners are here to help!

COL Fitness

We are a CrossFit Affiliated space that offers 40+ classes a week suitable for teens and adults as well as masters athletes. We offer well integrated programming with an emphasis on quality movement and injury prevention and take great pride in our partnership with SWAT Health Burlington which allows us to offer a synergistic approach to wellness. 

Class: In-Person Community Class on Saturday February 26th at 8AM

The Barre Collective Toronto

Join a FREE live stream CardioDance class on Saturday February 26th, at 11:30am - 12pm..  All participants can create an account with the BCTO Mindbody and sign up immediately.

The class link will be generated and emailed to you 1 hr before the class on the 26th.

Inspire + Instruct

Rebecca Manankil is a multi-disciplinary healer. Her practice focuses on healing others from "Soul to Surface", by offering an array of alternative wellness modalities which attend to one's mind, body and spirit. Her offerings include Sacred Movement (200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher), Sound as Medicine, Holistic Skin Care Therapy, Sacred Sexuality Coaching, Cartomancy, and Past Life Regression. 

Rebecca hopes to inspire her Yoga students to get out of their minds and into their bodies with her fun, dynamic & fast-paced practices.

Join Rebecca's class a 1:1 sound baths and in-person Cartomancy readings via

Run The Flex

Run The Flex is a Toronto-based Hip Hop dance studio that believes that everyone can dance. They offer classes & workshops for adults of all levels (no dance experience needed - for real!), rooted in Hip Hop foundation and culture. The instructors strive to make every student who enters their classes feel comfortable, while letting loose and connecting with others. Whether you used to dance, love to dance or want to dance, there's a spot for you at Run The Flex.

Participants can use code RTF15 to get 15% off their first in-person/online workshop or private lesson with us at www.runtheflexdance.com.  Run The Flex does not have any classes on February 26th & 27th so please use this code whenever is convenient for you.


GOODBODYFEEL is a pilates + yoga + mindfulness studio based in Hamilton, Ontario.

We’re a collective of movers and feelers, focused on building and tending to relationships of the body: our body, the body of the collective, and the body of land.

Our accessible, inclusive and decolonized movement classes help us feel our way towards the wellbeing of each of these bodies, exploring the sensations that come with compassion, understanding, agility, strength, and also discomfort and pain.

At GOODBODYFEEL, we don’t ignore the feelings that are buried deep down or hiding in plain sight. We embrace them and move through them, finding the tools we need to help us build bridges and share experiences that bring out our innate sense of leadership, creativity and empowerment.

We believe that through full-spectrum feeling, everyone of us can be a changemaker.

And we don’t just think that - we feel it.

In need of some movement inspiration on February 26th and 27th?

1 - Winter hike - bundle up, put on your winter boots and get outdoors. You can venture throughout your neighbourhood or on roads less travelled such as a nearby trail

2 - Virtual HIIT workout - get ready to get sweaty. Here is a link for one of our favourite workouts that you can catch On Demand, any time or any place.

3 - Yoga - rollout your Yogi mat and enjoy Savasana

4 - Outdoor run - nothing wakes you up more than a sub zero outdoor run. Remember, layers are key when running outside in Canadian winters!

5 - Skiing or Snowboarding - have you hit the slopes yet? Bust out your skis, put on your helmet and goggles and enjoy one of Ontario’s best winter activities.

Get your tunes ready for an epic movement weekend

Turn up your speakers and use this curated Spotify playlist we like to call "Carley's Favourites" during your workout or movement session!


And Last But Certainly Not Least Thank You Sponsors!



Thank you for your support in Just Move 2022, Carley’s Angels, and our mission of integrative cancer care. Get ready to just move!