Giftless Gift Guide

This year for our Giftless Gift Guide we took Carley's Angels out of the equation. How can your gift directly impact cancer patients within the Cancer Experience Program and what exactly does each gift value do... exactly?! Let us show you, scroll through our giftless gift guide to see exactly what your gift will do for a patient today. 

 For those who have everything and want nothing, give in their honour. We will mail each honouree a thank you card outlining exactly what the gift given in their honour is doing for patients this holiday season. 


Treatment meal for cancer patient at Princess Margaret

nutrition is key and a vital part of any patient's care. This gift will help provide a healthy snack and beverage to a patient while they are receiving chemotherapy at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.


Accessibility Accommodation for Patients

Many patients experience significant barriers not only in their day-to-day lives but also when undergoing treatment. This gift helps improve accessibility for diverse communities by providing translation to educational resources so that the patient can learn and understand important information during their treatment.



Improve real patient experiences with Project Empathy

Project Empathy, formerly the Communication Skills Project, which provides cinematic resources for oncologists that will highlight important moments in oncologist-patient interactions, the challenges that they pose, and effective means to overcome them. This honorarium covers a patient or community partner to help build this program be representative of real patient needs and lived experiences so oncologists can provide the best care they possibly can through communication.




Art Installation at the Princess Margaret

Art is a powerful tool in a patient's treatment and recovery. This gift will help fund a new art installation in a clinic space at The Princess Margaret by an artist who represents a diverse or racialized community in Canada.



Want to support our work to create access to integrative cancer care for all patients, but want to give in a value not listed above? Click the button below to donate any amount to help us open doors for cancer patients and their families.


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