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We'd like to start with thank you, because the simple fact that you're on this page means you're already thinking about going above and beyond in support of cancer patients! Host an Event, Sell Something, Donate your Day or Challenge Yourself… every act no matter how small allows you to have a hand in creating access to integrative cancer care for all patients.

This program is the first project taken on by our incredible Director of Innovation Katherine Tsiofas! She has put together a step by step process, support packages, and thank you gifts, for the Carley's Angels Champion looking to host any of the below fundraisers in support of Carley's Angels.

So go ahead, get your hands dirty in the name of integrative cancer care and fill out the form below to get started.




None of the four options above speak to you? Have an amazing out of the box idea for a Carley's Angels fundraiser? We literally can't wait to hear it! Email us at

10 years ago, Carley hosted an event for SickKids, an event that would set the stage for creating a charity you all know, love, and support today.

Once upon a time, a girl who was diagnosed with cancer decided she wanted to give back to the hospital who got her into remission.

Carley Allison and her family filled out a form to apply to host an event in support of SickKids. That day, Concert 4 Carley was founded. An annual initiative that combined Carley's passion for community and music with her mission to fundraiser for a hospital that gave so much to her. 


Looking for a little inspiration on what kind of fundraiser to do? We have complied lists per fundraiser type and also included some amazing past fundraisers as inspiration for yours!

Donate Your Day - Asking for donations in lieu of gifts for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, important holiday or even Carley's Birthday! 

Sell Something - Involve the kids and set up a lemonade stand. Existing businesses, donate a percentage of proceeds from a product on a special day. Clean out the clutter and host a garage sale. Refresh your closet and sell your clothes online. Turn a creative hobby (knitting, painting, jewelry making) into an online fundraising business

Host an Event - A park concert, theme party, talent show, movie night, sports game / tournament, or workout class.

Challenge Yourself -  Consider doing a challenge with friends! Ideas include anything from running a race, a month long fitness challenge, a reading challenge, or a random acts of kindness challenge! 

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