Thank you for being interested in hosting an event to benefit Carley's Angels! Let us show you just how easy, fun, and meaningful it can be!

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If you're here to explore the idea of hosting an event to benefit Carley's Angels, let us give you some more details or check out the current events above!

 Hosting an event to benefit Carley's Angels can be as simple as asking for donations to Carley's Angels in lieu of gifts for your birthday or engagement party. It can be a lemonade stand, bake sale, online auction or a full blown fundraiser to support Carley's Angels. Depending on the scale and needs of your event, our team will design a personalized fundraising page for you and follow up with any supporting materials for your big day! You will have the option to include a "Keepsake" as part of your event for participant(s) who would rather have something physical to remember the moment by than a tax receipt. If you select this option, all participants will have the option to select Keepsake (non-tax receipt-able) or just simply donate to your event (tax receipt-able).

If you have any questions or want to further chat about your idea before filling out the application form we would be happy to chat with you. Email us at

*Note*Once your personalized fundraising page has been set up its contents will be public and searchable on google. At any time your page can be edited to include or exclude personal information and/or photos. If you have any further privacy concerns please feel free to contact us.





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