In Loving Memory of Charles McKeough


On Monday, January 1st, Charlie McKeough passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his son, Andy, his family and friends at his bedside. Andy is a member of the Carley’s Angels executive team and has a deep connection to the Carley’s Angels story.
As we all know, cancer touches us all, and Carley’s story had a profound impact on Charlie, his family and his cancer story. Charlie was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (an incurable cancer) in 2016. Then, in May of 2023, was diagnosed with stage four metastatic prostate cancer. Charlie – just like our Carley – defined the word “warrior” and was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. As a professor for over fifty years at Villanova University, he took the compassion he held for his students into his cancer battle. Even after losing his wife – Marylou – unexpectedly this past November, he fought like a champion and never gave up hope, even in his final days.
In remembrance of the life of Charlie, we are honoured to continue his lasting legacy and ask that, in lieu of flowers or gifts, you make a donation in his honour, no matter the amount.

Please make your donation in memory of “Charles McKeough” for ease of tracking.



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