Hey everyone!

So i promised everyone an update on my heath, and here it is! I have been feeling much better these days compared to the last couple months. I have lost a TON of weight so my chemotherapy pills have been adjusted, which has helped a lot! It really helped me understand why i was so sick on the chemo before. It was the standard adult dosage (since i am 19) but it was just too much for my body to handle. Now i am able to get up and out of the house so much more often than before. I am having a CT scan on January 5th an∂ we are meeting with my oncologist on the 6th to get the results. I am very excited because i know were going to get some good results! I cant feel the pain in my ribs before like i used to, and i truly thiknk that means its gone or almost gone.

I am SOOOO excited to record some music on Tuesday! I have decided to preform “Human” By Christina Perri and i couldnt be more pumped. Its such a powerful song im very excited to preform it.

Once it is all done i will be posting the final product! cant wait!


  1. Hey Carley looking so foward to hearing your song…God bless you and your family this Christmas time .

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