Every week on Tuesday mornings i have been seeing a speech therapist to work on my voice. I defiantly have been seeing some improvements but its a slow process. I wouldn’t be able to make the kind of improvements I have been making without the help of my amazing voice therapist Aaron! Aaron and I were having a conversation the other day and I mentioned that I had been skating already that morning and I was frustrated with the amount of time it was taking me to get all my strength back. He looked at me and said “well your whole medical team and I always knew you were crazy.” I said “what do you mean,” Aaron responded with “don’t worry carley its a good crazy, you are making amazing progress in all aspects, give yourself more credit!” As I sat there, I realized that I guess I was a bit crazy but it was a good crazy. I just want to get back to normal, whatever my normal is.

As for my health! I am doing great! we had some complications with the thyroid medication dosage, so I am getting blood taken soon to check all my levels. I started to notice that I was always feeling cold and lethargic. This is a result of Hypothyroidism. The endocrinologist noticed that I was not getting enough medication so we have changed the amount of medication I take per week. Hopefully My thyroid levels will even out and I will go back to a healthy level.

One year ago around today was the day that I got my PICC line inserted. I can definitely say getting my PICC line was one of the more frightening things. I don’t know why I was more scared of the PICC line then I was of getting my neck cut open but I definitely was. my doctor told me that getting a PICC line was going to be like getting a big IV in. once I was put in the hospital gown, and placed in an operating room I knew that it was a but more serious.

Thank you all for the support! slowly but surely getting better!