Unexpected CT Scan results

Today I met with my medical oncologist to discuss the results of my ct scan. I have been diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma in my lungs. My cancer had spread from my neck to my lungs. I will be taking a trial oral chemotherapy to stop the growth of the cancer in my lungs. It still feels surreal to me that my cancer is back but i can’t dwell on it now, It’s time to fight again. I know it won’t be easy but at least I know what I’m headed for this time. Thank you everyone for your continued support. My friends and family are the reason I’m able to stay so strong

It’s crazy to think just a few days ago I blogged about how I’m moving forward with my life, in a sense I still am, there’s just going to be a few more bumps in the road. I will still be off to university on Sunday, but I will be home often to see the doctors and check the progress of the chemotherapy pill. The side effects are similar to traditional chemo but I will not loose my hair and I may not feel as sick. I am hoping I will be well enough to continue living my life the way I would like to.

As much as the news upset my family and I, we know exactly how to handle it.

“God will only give me as much as I can handle, I just wish he didn’t trust so much”


  1. Hi – you are amazing. You deserve an easier road at Queens – it doesn’t always seems fair. Your energy, commitment to excellence and hard work in sport and music will play a hand in this battle! I can not wait until the day when you talk about what is your distant memory of your triumph against cancer. you have lots of love, admiration and support from Bayview Glen. xx Mrs Deeks

  2. You beat this once Carley, and you made it look easy. You’re an inspiration to us all. You just have to do it again. No problem for a fighter like you.

  3. Hi Carley, I heard the news yesterday from the school. So sorry to hear this but as always, I am confident you can fight this. Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts your way.
    Ms. Carpenter

  4. Well, carp!! So not the news I was hoping for. I know you can and will hold up through this as well as you have to date, but I SO wish you didn’t have to. Wishing you and yours all the best…and hoping that in spite of it all, you have a great first year of university.

  5. I’m thinking of you and your family. I can not even fathom the blow this news has had on you and your family. Speaking from experience, I know how much you have enjoyed feeling better. We also know what it feels like to feel crappy. You got this. Take all the help and love you can get. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  6. you have shown us all that you have got the strength , mental and physical, to fight again. Our thoughts are with you and your family , sending love and positive energy

  7. Don’t worry Carley! We know perfectly that you can with this and with everything!
    Life sometimes put us bumps in the road… But we know that you are enough strong to beat it other time stronger and more concious than the first one!
    Thinking of you !
    Love and support from Santander-Barcelone!

  8. Katrina first let us know about this from your facebook page. Having just seen you and watched you canoe and run, you looked the picture of health! Just gotta fight back against these few remaining stubborn cancer cells! Please take very good care of yourself- you need to do everything you can do to help your immune system fight this off – eat well, sleep well, do yoga, meditate! As always we will be sending you positive thoughts and prayers, Love Aunt Beth

  9. Thinking of you as you once again battle through it all. You are a flighter and can do it!!! You don’t know me, but I have followed your fierce journey and wish you all the strength and love ever!!

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