Day 5-The move out of ICU

I was really starting to feel better and get a hang of having a trach. They decided I really didn’t need to be in the ICU anymore. I’m still 17 so they were going to move me to pediatrics, but i wasn’t well enough just yet to go there and the nurses were not very familiar with the tracheotomy. So i was moved to a room on the 4th floor that held three people, but luckily the room was empty and I was the only one being moved into it.

Even when i thought the wall of cards couldn’t get any better, it did, and my family and friends moved it all piece by piece while i was sleeping. Image

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  1. Carley!!!
    I just read through your blog, and wow. You are seriously one of the strongest people I know!!
    You’re a little fighter, and you’ll definitely beat this!!!! Sounds like you’ve got an amazing group of people behind you-rooting for you the entire way!!
    <3 best of luck, and sending love and prayers your way!!

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