Thank you Tasha and Lexi!

I wanted to thank little miss Tasha and Lexi for the amazing gift they made for me. Sweetest little girls i know!


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  1. Hello Carley Elle,

    You do not know me, but I picked up your blog through ‘Lainey Gossip’, who was spreading the word for you a couple of weeks ago.
    You are definitely a spark of real honest good energy. You are certainly a courageous little so and so as well!.
    All of your photos/videos are happy and touching, but as a former dancer, I am truly impressed by the photos of you back on the ice this week. How lovely. And I know just how cathartic just putting on the skates must be for you.
    Cancer is part of this world that we live in, and most families are touched in some way by it, my own included. I have no wise words of wisdom that can make your journey through it any better. But please know that for some important reason, you have been given your joyful, competetive, generous, and expressive personality. You are connecting with so many people, and influencing our lives on an everyday basis. You matter so very much, and I hope that your path will be as smooth as possible.
    I send you great regard and hope….you have been brought up very, very well, and I am sure your family is proud of you beyond words.

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