Thank you Alex! <3

I got home on Tuesday afternoon to a large package from Florida sitting on my Kitchen table. I couldn’t think of anyone who would be sending something from Florida. Curiously, i began to open it. The first thing i pulled out was a 2 page long typed out letter. The letter was from Alex Bogorin, Alex and my older sister Riley met at Mcmaster University last year, and have been close friends ever since. Alex is an extremely talented and accomplished Sprint Kayaker. He is currently in Florida training with the national Team in hopes of making the 2013 Under 23 World Championship Team. 

I visited my sister at school last year and Alex was always welcoming and a fun person to be around. I want to wish Alex good luck this season! your gonna do awesome! Me and Riley are rooting for you!


Big thank you to Alex Bogorin and the Canadian Canoe-Kayake spring training team for this amazing signed polo. you guys are amazing! Train hard! 

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  1. I love seeing how many people are cheering you on. Looks like you couldn’t ask for a better team.

    Keep kicking that cancer’s ass!

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