Somethings never change

Skating moves off the ice, i think im missing skating a bit too much these days Image


  1. Carley, if you can do this after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, I can only imagine what you will be doing when all of this is behind you. I can’t wait to watch you on TV at the 2018 Winter Olympics! I’ll be cheering for you then, just as I am now. Stay strong.
    – Mr. H.

  2. Carley this is beautiful, graceful and full of hope and inspiration. Thank you for showing us what courage and grace looks like. Keep on “dancing” on ice, patios and whatever surface is lucky enough to find you upon it. Love Sophie ( Alice’s mom)

  3. I absolutely love this shot <3 …. I just stood in that VERY position for about 1 minute and felt the "zen"……NOT! How in the heck does your ARM do that????? Well beyond my understanding of motion dynamics…


  4. What a gorgeous picture. Wow. And, for the record, if I ever tried that I’d be in so much pain its almost unimaginable. Yikes!

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