Ride to Conquer Cancer!

This morning I sang the national anthem in the opening ceremonies for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I had such an amazing time and i met so many inspirational people. Last night me, my dad, and sister Riley went down to Ontario Place grounds for the rehearsal. I stood at the edge of the stage waiting for my cue, while Paul Alofs introduced me. Hearing Paul tell my story brought back a lot of memories. I thought to myself, “one year ago today, I was laying in bed recovering from my last round of chemo, and today I’m standing here ready to sing.”

When i had my surgery last summer i didn’t know if i would ever sing again. At the time, my voice wasn’t my biggest concern, i needed to have the surgery to save my life. After the Surgery i could not talk for a few months, and when i started talking a bit again, the radiation took my voice right back to where it was after surgery. 
To stand on the stage today and sing the national anthem for cancer survivors and supporters was such an amazing feeling. I have such mixed feelings when i think back on my cancer experience, but today it was clear to me that i have reached the goal i set out to achieve with my story and blog.  I started writing my blog for a few reasons, one being to give other cancer fighters hope and inspiration to keep fighting. Hearing the words “your my inspiration,” is one of the greatest feelings in the entire world. Cancer took away one year of my life, but it has given me so much more. I feel so fortunate to have had such amazing care at Sick Kids, PMH and TGH. Thank you again everyone for all of your support, i have the most amazing friends and family in the entire world.