Radiation Week 5

Almost done week 5!

after my treatment today, i only have 10 radiation days left! almost into the single digits.

I was told that by this time in my treatment i would be in bed almost all done, feeling very sick, unable to swallow any food, and probably lose weight again. and i am proud to say that i have not lost a pound since i started radiation! i am still able to skate every day, and i have actually gotten used to my sore throat and my diet is relatively normal. 

cant wait until October 23rd, my last day of radiation and the end of the final stage in beating this thing! 


  1. I am going to count the date down till October 23 and I will celebrate your achievement with you, your family and all the people who love you and being proud of you. You are an inspiration

  2. what excellent news – you must be so pleased and your parents so relieved. All the best for the last round and on to the Championships!

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