Radiation Week 4

16 out of 33 done! 

Just under half way and im feeling alright. Some things have changed though, my throat hasnt gotten worse but i have completely lost my taste. Last night after dinner i decided i wanted to have chocolate…. just to find it tasted like cardboard. So eating isn’t really an enjoyable thing these days but at least i am still phycially able to.  

Im still on the ice every day training for Sectionals in November and things are going really well. and i am extremely excited about my new short program to Swan Lake. 

I may not feel great, but i only have 17 more to go! i can see the finish line! 


  1. Wow,…..think how far you’ve come….you are a inspiration to so many. You are always on our minds!
    Saw you skate the other day ……….absolutley beautiful! Keep it up Carley!!

  2. Hang in there – the half way mark is a huge milestone – let us know when your competition is as we would love to come and watch.

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