Radiation Week 2

Half way through week 2 of radiation and i’m still feeling pretty good, although i have a killer sore throat. Ive been able to keep up with my day to day schedule every since i started radiation, but it is beginning to get difficult as the radiation goes on. Ive been back on the ice for the last 2 weeks and I’m hoping to stay on the ice through the radiation treatment. 

1 and a half weeks down, 5 to go! 

I finally rode my horse for the first time today since i’ve been sick! 


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  1. Hi Carley, Glad to hear the radiation is going pretty well as you inch closer to the finish of your personal “marathon”. Nice to see you are well enough to ride. Do you have the recipe book “Goes Down Easy”? It specializes in stuff you can eat when going through treatment. I’d be happy to give you a copy, or you can pick it up at the PMH giftshop. Hang in there!

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