Radiation Day 2

I just finished my second day of radiation and i am still feeling good! The Radiation Therapy is much different then I thought it would be, although i didn’t really know what to expect to begin with. The treatment itself is kinda like having an MRI or CT scan, except the radiation is specifically targeted in one spot. To help me keep in place i have to wear a mask that is tied down to the table. The mask starts at the top of my chest and reaches to the top of my head. I’d say that is probably the most uncomfortable  part of it all, and for about 20 minutes after radiation i have the imprint of the mask on my face. But i guess i can deal with that. 

2 down 31 more to go! 

On another note, the chemo is almost all out of my system and my hair has started to grown back! time to embrace the bald! 



“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”


  1. Deearest Carley; I keep pray for you and your compelete recovery. I am so proud of you; you are my HERO

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