Quick midnight visit to Sick Kids

Last night before bed my mom and i were justing going through the routine of flushing my pic line (the central line in my arm). Every night before we flush the line, we need to check for blood return. My mom was checking for the blood return and we were having a bit of a problem. It kinda freaked me out when i looked down and there was no blood coming through my line. I started thinking of all the worst possibilities, could i have an infection in my line? could there be a blood clot in my line? We knew that we had to get the the bottom of this, and nothing is more fun then going to sick kids in the middle of the night! So we called our family friend to make sure going down was the right thing to do, and we hopped into the car and headed down. 

We walked into emergency and they took me in right away and flushed out the line. I had a small blood clot in the entrance to my line. within 30 minutes we were on our way home. 

Cranky and tired my mom and i fell asleep within minutes of being home. But at least we could sleep knowing my line was clear and nothing was seriously wrong.