PMH Event!

I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who came to the event at PMH last wednesday. I was such a great feeling to have all of you gathered to celebrate and honour my wonderful doctors and support team. 

The event last Wednesday was the first time in a long time that i have heard my story told out loud. I find that as i’ve gradually gotten healthier, i’ve gradually gotten more sensitive to the thoughts of my past year. I think part of it is because every time someone used to ask me “how are you doing?” or “how are you feeling?” my answer would always be ‘im great!” or “im doing well!” and when i think back on those times i realize, I was far from great, and defiantly wasn’t doing well. But at the time, thats what great felt like. I was thinking back on last year at this time and i was trying to remember what it felt like but i was having a hard time remembering. They say your mind suppresses traumatic experiences, and i think the week before surgery was defiantly a feeling my brain didn’t want me to remember. The feeling of the unknown was the scariest for my family and I. not knowing if they could remove the tumor, not knowing if i would live with a tracheotomy for the rest of my life. but i left my life in the hands of my amazing doctors and we couldnt have asked for better results. Its crazy to think its almost been a full year since the big operation, but its safe to say my family and i are all in a much better place this year! 


Thank you again to everyone who came last wednesday! it was a wonderful event and i was so glad to share it with everyone. 


Carley Elle