One year ago today I was diagnosed with cancer.  My mom and i went to the hospital for a check up on the “hole in my lung.” After seeing the doctor she decided to admit me to the pediatric ward. Within and hour or so the ENT came to see me, he sent a scope down my throat and saw the tumor. I was immediately transferred to the ICU. I was going to be transferred to Toronto General Hospital to have the tumor removed, but after some back and forth conversation they decided the tumor was too large and they couldn’t remove it. I was then sent into Emergency Tracheotomy surgery. I cannot believe that it has been a full year, It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in North York General Hospital trying to figure out how to function with a tracheotomy.  This past year has for sure been the most interesting in my entire life, but it wouldn’t trade what i have learned this year for anything. everything i have learned this year has taught me to be a better person and has given me a new perspective on life. I feel like through all my time at the hospital my nurses and doctors became part of the family, and i cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work.  Today has been an overflow of emotions since i can still vividly picture this exact day last year. The world is full of surprises but Sick Kids, Princess Margaret, Toronto General and North York General all made my experience wonderful. Thank you everyone for your continued love and support

Before i got sick i had seen this quote that said “when someone has cancer, their family and everyone who loves them gets cancer too” I never understood it. Ever since i got sick and i got to experience first hand how someones cancer can effect the entire family i started to understand. my cancer effected everyone around me, my family had to put their lives on hold to help me through this and i cannot express how much i appreciate them. 

Thank you to my sisters for the amazing messages today! 

“Well Baby girl It has been one year since i received that phone call, one year since we traded our beds for hospital floors, one year since you traded the diva clothes for a hospital gown and one year from when you showed the world just what a little Allison girl is made of . Carley Elle Allison You can even see from the photos, here is a concerned, scared big sis and there is a lil sis just making the best of every moment!. Words cannot describe how strong you were last year getting everyone and your self through! You kicked cancers ass and that is that!!!”

Love your biggest sister and biggest fan ♥
I ♥ you
ps Happy 50th Dad (round 2)





Well car you did it, I can’t even explain how incredibly proud of you I am! You kicked cancers ass and now it has officially been one year since you were diagnosed I love you so much and even though sometimes I don’t show it you are honestly one of the best older sisters a girl could ask for!!! I’m have no idea what I would do without you!! This picture is from when you came home and I thought you were gonna be brunette and we were finally twins 🙈 love you so much carcar congrats !!!!!!!
Love Sammy <3 

 This was exactly one year ago today