New Treatment Update

As I promised I would be giving the results of my surgery. I’m sorry this has taken me so long but the recovery from surgery really was a challenge this time! I thought it would be a simple surgery just scraping the cancer from my bone and repairing it. But little did I know 70 stitches later and a bionic arm it wasn’t that simple! However thanks to my awesome surgeon I think the arm is finally starting to recover!

Being in the hospital this time was definitely no walk in the park! The biggest difference was I was in an adult hospital. In sick kids you are treated as a person but in the adult hospitals you feel like your just a number on a chart. Once my surgery was booked we were moved to Toronto General to have it done (but previously at Mt. Sinai). So now I can officially say I have be a patient in every hospital on University Avenue. Not something every 19 year old can check off on their bucket list! The hospital stay was long but we are happy to be home now and I am happy to have the comfort of my own bed.

More on the medical side the day we left the hospital that showed no cancer in my bones! Thank goodness! Then I had a spinal MRI  because I had pain in my spine and that also came back clear. The cancer in my lungs is still progressing however, we will be staring a new treatment monday! Wish me luck on our new treatment plans! I promise promise promise I actually mean it this time, I will keep everyone updated! Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 2.53.30 PM


  1. Hey honey, I think of you everyday day. You are an amazing girl. You fight like the Spartans. You are loved by those near and far. Your smile and spirit has touched so many people. I’m sending you a hug from Arizona. The sunshine awaits you.

  2. Hello Carly
    I’m not sure if you remember me from Hippocrates but I wanted you to know I think of you often.
    I’m doing some treatments at a facility in Austria. They are making me a cancer vaccine. If you or your mom want info on it please let me know.
    Lots of love sent your way.

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for reaching out to us. We would love any information that you can give us on your current vaccine treatments. I hope you are doing well. Looking forward to healthier days for both you and Carley.

      Thank you,


  3. So happy that surgery went well and you can say ” cancer free” in the arm and the spine. You will fight this battle Carley , good luck with the new treatment; you are in my mind daily. Love you, xoxo

  4. Carley , so happy for you that your bones look fine and you are recovering at home. Wishing you much success with the new treatment you are starting on Monday. Our thoughts and well wishes are with you

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