New Plan

Yesterday and mom, dad and i went to Princess Margaret to find out if i am going to need more chemo therapy. going into this meeting i was hoping that i was going to have an operation to remove the tumour some time in the near future. 

After looking at the Ct scan my oncologist decided that one more round of chemo would be the best option for me. I return to sick kids on friday to start my 5th round of chemo. 

Although i am disappointed, i am happy to see the finish line. I am comforted with the knowledge that round 6 will be my absolute final round. 


  1. not everything that is good for us feels good in the process. think about the hours you would dedicate to keep fit, to get better, to master a new move… what you are doing now is the hardest training because it will give you back your health and set you free. things move faster and better for you after this round! XOXOXO Samia

  2. almost there. The silver lining being that this chemo seems to be doing something….not far to go now xoxo

  3. Carley you made it through 4 rounds already , only half as many left to go. you are strong and determined – go girl !!!
    wishing you all the best
    Heike & Ray

  4. Thanks for the update Carley. Although we all understand the urge to have that **** tumour cut out of you, the chemo will help ensure that the surgery is successful, as I’m sure the clinicians have explained. I think it will be easier now that you know how many more times you need to psych yourself up for chemo – the uncertainty is probably just as hard as the process. We’re all sending you good vibrations from West Coast!
    Aunt Beth, Katrina, Uncle Bruce and the animals!

  5. Hi Carley,
    Just think of it as the next round of competition. Stay positive, you’re winning.

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