My little Club Champ!

Today was defiantly a long and exciting day! I spent breakfast with one of my friends who brought my amazing bacon pancakes! By lunchtime my mom, sister and I went downtown for an afternoon of shopping. We had just sat down in Starbucks when my mom got a call. CBC wanted to have an interview with me; to say the least I was pretty excited! For anyone interested in seeing it, it will be on CBC news sometime between 5:00 and 6:30pm tomorrow night (Monday March 4th)

This weekend was not only an exciting weekend for me. My little sister Samantha is a pretty amazing little ski racer, and she has not had an easy season this year. Sammy is one of the biggest daredevils I know, so she always gives every race 100%. Unfortunately giving it your all racing down a hill at high speeds has it consequences. Sammy had a pretty rough patch in her season where she had a crash on her second run for a few races in a row. This was all around the time I got sick, she would always say to me “Carley I really want to win for you.” I knew she was getting pretty discouraged, but this weekend she did what we all knew she had in her. She had two clean runs at the Club Championships and was the fastest girl on her team, winning the gold medal! Not to mention she also got the coach’s award today at the awards ceremony! We are all so incredibly proud of her! She’s a pretty amazing little firecracker. 



  1. We saw you on the news last night and were truly inspired by your courage, strength and beautiful voice! Wishing you a speedy recovery and praying that this will all soon be behind you!

  2. Hi Carley,
    Asa here. Savannah and Christina’s mom. Saw you last night on the news and you were amazing! So strong and beautiful! You are an inspiration to us all and know how much we think about you and your wonderful and loving family. Haven’t seen you in a long time but remember you oh so well especially when you and Savannah were 5 and cut wonderful patterns in your leggings at a play date:) Lots of love to you and your fabulous family

  3. Carly
    Hi I’m Sean’s Mom I saw you and your family on TV today You all were amazing I have always known Riley must be part of a wonderful family Our family is behind you and send our strength and prayers to you. Thursday will be the start of your recovery. I have faith it will be full and quick with all the love and strength that surrounds you.
    Thinking of you and your family

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