Day 6- My Girls

It was really nice to be out of ICU, but i really missed my nurse Demara. She really made my experience in ICU as comfortable as possible, and always gave tons of support. Demara also acted as a friend, since i have moved out of ICU she has visited me almost everyday after her 12 hour shift in ICU. She’s one of those people that are so passionate about what they do, and no doubt she always kept a smile on my face.

Another really great thing about being out of ICU is that my friends can finally come in more then pairs of 2 (although we broke that ICU rule a few too many times). During the second day in my new room a group of my best friends came to visit, and they came prepared. My friends didn’t really do what the average hospital visit is generally like; walk in, say hello, ask how your feeling, tell you to get better soon, and leave. My friends stayed for hours! But this day in particular they really raised the bar. They came in determined to not only keep me smiling, but also get my healthy again. I lay flat in my bed while my friend Sydney painted my toenails, my friend Jill spoon fed me my dinner, and my friends Denzelle and Katherine kept me updated with everything going on at school.

I had no appetite, but my doctor said i had to force it. The moment Jill got wind of this news she was determined to fatten me up again, Jill defiantly has some motherly instincts.

My mom stood at the door of my room watching the way from friends cared for me, and it brought her to tears. my friends were truly incredible people