Moving forward

Unsure of what is to come next, i’m back home recovering from my second round of chemo. This have been much better this time around, and i’m really starting to feel better, just curious as to what the game plan is now. But for now I’m just taking it day by try, maybe try and skate by the beginning of next week. Ive learned that  need to listen to my body and slow it down when i’m getting tired. Fighting cancer isn’t exactly the same as training. sometimes i just need to take a step back and rest. But i’m getting stronger every day! 


  1. Keep up the hard work your whole family are fighters I will see you at Christmas I guarantee it Love Joe happy Easter

  2. Hey there, glad your feeling a smidge better this round. You are so right, cancer does make you slow down and not power through things the way we used to. You are doing a great job.

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