Mom <3

Today for one of the first times my mom said i could go out with my friends, but i guess i didn’t really understand her interpretation of “go out with my friends” was. My friends Carley M, Jill, and Denzelle have planned for a long time that we would go shopping for grad trip together. Although i’m sick now, we still all wanted to do this together. So i assumed i would go with them to the mall and come back with them but my mom said no way. My mom had her mind set on coming. i was a little confused, i thought she had agreed to let me go. But my mom meant, i could go, but shell be coming too. I was pretty annoyed, i felt like i was back in Kindergarden when my mom found it hard to leave my side. I quickly realized that this was the only way i was going to be able to go, so i rolled my eyes and got into the car. When we got to the mall i met with Denzelle, Jill, and Carley M, and my mom did some of her own shopping. After about an hour i started to get pretty tired and my cough was getting strong, thats the moment i was thankful my mom was there. I called her to ask her what store she was in, she responded with “is it time to leave?” i said “well if you want to,” but she knew exactly what i meant, even though i didn’t want to admit it, i was tired and needed to go home. Evidently, my mom is always right, and even though i thought she was being crazy and over protective, she was right. 

My mom has been the one primarily with me through this, she’s basically turned into a nurse. And although we may be starting to get sick of each other, there are no words to explain how grateful i am to have her. She is working extremely hard to try and make things as easy as possible for everyone around her, and i sometimes don’t give her the credit she deserves. She wakes up early in the morning to get a smoothy made for me, a freshly cooked breakfast and cappuccino , not to mention she still makes sure to keep my little sisters daily routine exactly the same. She also keeps up with things that need to get done at work, even though she’s not in the office. I have no idea how she does it, to say she’s a superwoman would be an understatement. Working mom, Olympian, amazing smoothy maker, and defiantly the most loving woman on this earth. The amount she has gone through in the last month is just not fair. But she has been incredibly strong for me, i can’t thank her enough. After all, i wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t taken me to emergency when she did. The surgeon said if she didn’t take me when she did, i would have officiated in my sleep. My mom saved me. And i love her so much 



  1. I love this post Carley! Your Mom is such an inspiration in so many ways xoxo

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