May TwoFour long weekend

This past weekend my family and i went to our cottage in Minden ON. this was the first time i’ve been away from home since i got sick (excluding nights at the hospital of corse). I was a bit nervous to leave home to begin with because i have been fighting a cold for a while but  knew being at the cottage would make me feel better. We got to my cottage around 6:30pm Friday night and as per usual i went right to the dock. Normally i would jump right into the water, but the water is still a bit cold, and i think if i jumped in with my trach i would drown anyways. So i sat at the end of my dock and watched the sunset with my feet in the water. I was quickly reminded why i say my cottage is my favourite place in the world, i was instantly feeling better. 

Every year on the May long weekend we have a big lobster dinner with the rest of our family who also have cottages on Gull Lake. And every year we have a theme, this year it was Super heroes. We had a bit of a costume dilemma but we put some great Ninja Turtle costumes together pretty last minute! 



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  1. I am so happy that you had the opportunity to be with your dear family in your favourite place in the world. I love you Carley and pray for your compelete recovery. You are in my heart and thoughts. Elaheh

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