Little note in my phone <3

I was going through messages in my phone last night and i came across my notes, i have a new phone so i was kinda surprised to see that i had this extremely long note in my phone. I was pretty curious so i opened it and the page went on for days. I wanted to know who it was from for a quickly scrolled to the bottom, it wrote “love syddy.” Long story short, my friends Sydney, Chloe and Natasha had come over one of the days i was basically bed ridden after chemo and just hung out while i slept and sat with me for the brief moments i would open my eyes. I only slightly remember seeing them that day but my parents and their note in my phone assured me they were here for about 5 hours, My friends continue to amaze me everyday, they are all incredible individuals. Its been pretty hard the last week and a half but its times like these when i know even when i’m feeling down i know no one is going to let me give up or ever give up on me. 

Love you all <3 



  1. Hi carley. Aunt rose and I read your blog everyday. We can’t stop thinking about how brave you are and how difficult this must be not only for you but all those that love you especially your mom, dad riley and sammie. We feel helpless because we don’t know how to make this cancer go away and wish we could do something, maybe wish it away. The reality is that it is up to you and your doctors and ultimately it is in Gods hands. We are confident that you will beat this and return to a life full of health and cancer free. Keeping a positive , moving forward altitude(like you have been doing) is the best medicine. Love uncle paul and aunt rose

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