Leafs VS Chicago

soooo I realized i never made a blog about the saturday night NHL game i got to sing at! Im pretty much at a loss for words every time someone asks me what it was like because i couldn’t explain it at all, it was just so incredible. As a singer, having the entire ACC cheer for you is something you only dream of. Yet this year i got to experience it twice AND got to sing on Hockey Night in Canada! Now my entire life i have watched Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights with my dad. I never imagined that it would be me singing that anthem on that TV.

It was nice to have a feeling of accomplishment from singing the anthem, since these days I’ve been feeling a bit useless. But i know that soon enough i will be healthy enough to start doing the things that make me feel better.

As everyone can tell…. i had some time on my hands today to write 3 blogs..

Love you all xoxo