Leafs game!

Had an amazing time tonight at the game! Sang the Canadian anthem and got to hang out with Dion!




  1. I was there that night with my friends sitting in the second last row of the ACC. You gave all of us chills that night with your courageous performance. You were incredible.

  2. Carley, my husband and I were at the game last night and were deeply touched by your story and your strength. Then my mom came to my house this morning and I asked me if I read the story in the paper about the daughter of our cousin, Paul. It was too crazy. Your singing gave us chills but the news of our family connection brought absolute frost. All the best from the Hurlburt gang, you are in our prayers. Thanks very sharing your voice! Your cousin, Linda

  3. Only wish we could have been there to hear you sing Carley. You’re truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. Love, Ivar and Maureen

  4. Carley, amazing job last night & thanks for joining us for the 3rd period to watch the Leafs win. I sent one of those backup smartphone chargers over to Larry’s office this morning to give to your Dad for you which you should have soon. All the best, Bruce

  5. I sometimes think it’s hard to stand up in front of a group of teenagers and teach them. I can’t imagine standing in front of a packed arena and singing the national anthem! I am sure you will remember that experience for a long time. Good for you, Carley!

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