I am officially home from Florida… unfortunately. In ways i am happy to be home, I missed my family and home but i did not miss the cold Canadian Winter hahha. The weather down there was incredible! Sunny and low of 75 most days so its safe to say we spent most of the time at the beach!

It was such a nice relaxing vacation and got to spend some much needed time in the sun!

We are home now and focusing on finding a new treatment. Finding treatments has been a very frustrating experience for my parents, and we are hoping the next treatment we choose will be a winner! Every time we start a treatment we are loosing time, the next one has to work. My last scan showed some progression so we know we have to get this taken care of sooner than later.

At times like this i just try to remember to keep faith in god that he will bring me through this. its hard sometimes to understand why we haven’t found a cure, but i know we will find it soon! we have to find it soon.



  1. Dear Carley,
    This is uncle Iradj. Please stay with your diet (nothing from animals) Eat as much as you can fruit, vegetable, nuts and all kinds of drinks with your cereal. It takes a while to drain all of the bad things we intake in our boady/ies. Meat and milk are full of antibiotics and chemicals. Gradually, you will adjust to eat only poison free food, You are in our minds constantly, you have our prayers, and more than any thing you are an example of determination and strength.
    Let us know if you can eat pomogranate and wheat grass.
    We will be away to watch after Venus’s kids and shall com back in couple of weeks.
    This cold weather will get rid of germs for you, enjoy yorself.
    Love you very much,

  2. Hi Carley,
    welcome back … you’ve gone from the white beach in Florida to the white snow here in Toronto! Saw the great pictures that you took while you were away and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I know that it’s frustrating going through all of these various treatments and not seeing the level of progress that you’re looking for, but please know that you have a whole army of people behind you doing all that they can to help find something that will make a difference and start to get you feeling better. What you’re going through is hard, and quite frankly not fair, but remember to stay focused, eat lots (like EAT LOTS) and try to live your life one day at a time.
    The cold and snow will go away, the spring will be here soon and you’ll start to get better in no time … you’ve got to believe that, and expect it. I do, and a lot of us do too!
    Best, Larry

  3. So happy to see beautiful you strolling on the beach. Keep the faith Carley, you are so strong xo

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