Home <3

Its been so nice to be home and see my family! That was one of the longest times ive spent away from home and since my family is so close it was really hard. But im home now and i could not be more excited for the holidays! I am feeling very good these days and keeping good spirits! me and my mom are having some fun learning how to make all kinds of interesting raw vegan foods, and i will hopefully be getting on the ice at some time soon! I visited my high school today when i was picking up my sister and got to catch up with my old teachers which was really nice. Im so happy that i am feeling up to doing things these days! its hard on days when im sick and i cant get out to do anything, i start to feel a bit useless. But when days like that happen i know it wont last for long.

I cant sleep so i thought i would give everyone a quick update!

goodnight XO


  1. Carley , good to hear that you are feeling a little more like yourself again. Being at home is always best. wishing you lots of “better” days and that you can go back to skating, which must be almost like flying and in your case like soaring.

  2. HI Carley

    I’ve started using an online game called Superbetter to help me recover from my “frozen shoulder” problem. Check it out – it’s fun and hopefully it helps to make you feel better!

    Aunt Beth

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