Yesterday I landed in Florida to start my journey on becoming raw vegan and killing my cancer!! My mom and I are participating in a 3 week program at Hippocrates. Hippocrates is an institution people go to improve their health with a raw vegan diet. The diet consists of vegetables and sprouts, juiced vegetables and wheat grass. Since I got to Hippocrates institute I was blown away. The atmosphere here and all the people here are so positive it’s incredible. Everyone here is going through some sort of health related complication and it’s amazing to see so many people motived to changed their lives.

I will say though, it hasn’t been easy since I got here. The change in diet along with the wheat grass juice, has been pretty hard on me. But I have been told that after a week or so it gets much better, so I’m just looking forward to that!

I will keep everyone upgraded on mine and my moms progress here in Florida!




  1. It sounds like you’re in a good place – rest, rejuvenate and feed that strong spirit of yours!
    PS we.watched you sing at the Leaf’s game – you were so awesome (and looked beautiful! )

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