Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone!! cant believe 2014 is over already but i am ready for the new year, and ready to say goodbye to cancer once and for all! 2013 was the year everything changed. I fought tracheal clear cell sarcoma from February 4th 2014- October 23rd 2013. 2014 was the year for recovery, and also the year my cancer came back. 2015 is going to be the year we say our final goodbyes to cancer.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty crappy. my mom came into my room to give me medications and i expressed to her that i was upset i was spending the first day of the new year in bed. so she told me the story of the year she spent new years day in bed. It was the year i was born. January 1st 1996 my mom woke up with an awful cold, she couldnt get out of bed. she had perviously decided that this would be the year she would try to qualify for the olympics. she told herself she would start her training January 1st. So when she woke up feeling awful she tried everything she could to get herself out of bed and running. but in the end she couldnt start her training that day and she had to let her body rest. and guess who made the Olympic team that spring! my momma! It goes to show that January 1st is just one day out of the entire year. Its about the decisions you make every single day. I am confident that when 2016 rolls around, the cancer part of my life will be in the past. I know i have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but i’m excited to tackle it.

I have been trying to do a little bit of physical activity a day to try and put on some muscle. Yesterday my mom bought a punching bag and boxing gloves! i cant wait to start using them! its going to be the perfect way to get some exercise while getting all my anger out! Generally people with cancer have a build up of anger weather they know it or not. Ive noticed in the last little while that deep down, i am angry about whats happened to me, and i think this will be the perfect way to deal with my anger.

here is a little collage of me from 2013-2015



  1. I’m crying right now because your already dead but I dont want to believe it. You were an amazing person. In my head you beat cancer. I know you will live on in everyones hearts. And if wherever you are you are looking down reading this just know that you are my inspiration and when I feel sad about nothing I always think of you and smile. I only wish I could have done something to help you. You are, not were, and will always be an amazing, beautiful, loving, talented person.

  2. what a great idea! Let the punching bag have it!!! We are excited about your recording and wish you a fantastic year 2015

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