Happy Easter!

Today my family and i went out for brunch for Easter morning. Its nice to know, even though I’m sick, some things don’t change. It was really fun to be out with my family, but it was also exhausting. I knew that i wasn’t going to last that long, and i definitely had a well deserved nap when i got home. 

I noticed today, that leaving the house is getting a bit harder as the days go on. The only thing i had to worry about before was hiding the tracheotomy. now i have to make sure my pic line is tied up, my trach is covered, and my bald head is covered. its quite the process now. Its frustrating at times, thinking i’m forgetting something every time i leave the house, but its what i have to do for now. 

Everyday is getting better, but its a slow process, and i just have to be patient. On another note, i am getting back on the ice tomorrow! wish me luck! 



  1. Dear Carely, I am happy that you will go skating tomorrow and I wish you the best of luck. You have been doing a great job. I am sure that it is difficult for you and it is normal if sometime you get frustrated. Have faith that every frustration you feel now is one less frustration from the future. There is a shining star waiting at the end of the tunnel. Love, Samia

  2. Hi Carley It’s Sean’s Mom Happy Easter to you and your family. I wanted you to know my colleagues and I follow your progress and your positive attitude will continue to keep you moving forward to a full recovery. You may not be aware of the inspiration you are for others but it will carry you through.
    Keep Smiling

  3. Hi Carley, we don’t know each other but when I saw your pic in the Star I felt an immediate empathy and kinship ( Trach Club LOL!) We’re both musicians, same age reversed 17. 71. What I want to say to you is how much I admire your amazing courage, positive attitude and incredible fortitude. You remind me of the poem “Invictus”

  4. Happy Easter Carley , to you and your family , great that you get to spend it at home. You look so good in the pic. and even if you forget to cover or hide something, nobody will notice anything other than your smile. I wish you lots of fun on the ice .
    Heike & Ray

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