Getting things under control!

Today i met with an academic advisor to talk about what my options where regarding courses, since i have already, and will be missing lots of school. We decided that best option for me would be to put my courses online. I can still go to class if i am at school but if i am away there will be no penalty for my absence. I’m very excited that things are being worked out and i can have the flexibility to be home if i need to be.

As for how i am feeling… I have been ok these days. I struggle in the mornings to get out of bed, and sleeping is sometimes a challenge, but for the most part i’m pretty good during the day! Last night in the middle of the night i was a bit nauseous and i was having some trouble getting comfortable but I took my Anti nausea medication and i felt much better.

Some days when i’m at school i forget that i am sick, I wake up feeling not so good but then it goes away and i move on with my day. In some ways i can act just like any other normal student during the day. Its when the clock turns 9:00pm and i get the notification on my phone to take my chemo when it hits me. Its such a strange feeling. I will be at dinner with my friends, or hanging out with my friends and i have to go back to my room for a few minutes to take the chemo. Its just not something I ever imagined myself going through. But as i’ve said before, this is the situation and we need to deal with it head on. It doesn’t matter what it takes i know i will be better soon, its just a matter of time.

I will soon be having a needle biopsy to get a sample of the larger tumour pressing against my rib (which is not as painful anymore so i’m hoping its the medication working!!!) . I will keep everyone updated with the results


Carley <3


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