Getting the hang of this

Last night was the kind of night that doesn’t really seem to phase me anymore, just another late night trip to Sick Kids. Since i’m going through chemo therapy, the sign of a cold or flu is a little more of a red flag then it used to be. I started feeling a bit sick yesterday when i woke up but i thought i was just feeling crappy from my last round of chemo, but slowly during the day my temperature started creeping up. The doctors had told my mom that if my temperature goes over 38 i will need to go back to Sick Kids, so at 9:30 last night we made our way back down to Sick Kids for some antibiotics. It was a pretty long night but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

We met with the doctor to discuss the prescription, and she immediately looked at me and “your new right?” i looked back at her with a smile on my face and yes. She clearly had good relationships with the other family’s to have noticed so quickly that i was new. Ive been at Sick Kids enough times now that i’m starting to see familiar faces every time I’m there adn its definitely one of the most comforting things. 

My friend Jill sent this picture to me today and it put a huge smile on my face so i thought id share it <3 



  1. So glad you have the people at Sick Kids to see you through this challenge…. thinking of you …and especially of your poor mom! – every day since the TO Star article.

  2. Great to see you blogging again Carley! Keep up the good fight – we’re rooting for you!
    Aunt Beth

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