Friday’s the day!

So according to the plan in place now, I am starting Chemotherapy Friday morning. I will be completing two rounds of chemo and then following up with a CT scan at the end of the month to reassess. Its going to be pretty difficult to go through the whole month and not know if the Chemo is making a difference. But its one of those things you just have to do, and have faith it is doing its job. 

Its been pretty hard on my family, my mom especially. Change in plans isn’t something my mom likes. my mom likes to hear a plan of action, and have every date fall into place as planned. But this is going to be a bit different, we have to stay openminded and easy going. If they say “no surgery, we are doing chemo first” then chemo here i come. Its going to be a hard concept to get a hang of but im sure as a family we can do it. 

Friday is my first step to tackling this cancer, and i could not be more excited. I cannot wait to finally start feeling like i am fixing the problem and not just sitting around at home. I am confident that we have collectively made the right decision to start with Chemo, and I will be starting my journey to recovery. 


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