My dad tobi and I arrived in Florida and it’s been nothing but sunshine since!! The weather has been incredible and we have been on the beach since the moment we got off the plane! The moist salty air here has been amazing for me and my cough is getting much better! I still have a lack of appetite, and lots of pain in my arm but I know by the end of the weekend I will really start feeling good!

I am so happy to be done with radiation in my arm and start treating my lungs again! We are busy trying to figure out what the next steps will be. We know the next decision we make will be an important one, so we have to make sure we’ve done all the research. My parents have been actively looking into treatments all over the world and I know they are going to find that one thing that will save me.

I’m excited to be spending the next week here but also excited to start working on some new music when I’m home!!


  1. I hope you have a great time there. If I remember correctly you had said you were in the Sarasota area. When I go, I go to the opposite coast, to Daytona Beach, I have been going there almost annually for over 35 years. Yes Florida is a great place, beaches are awesome and for the most part warm and friendly.
    I pray too that your parents and yourself find the answers that you need to make some positive progress in your treatment.
    Please say hi to Mark for me and tell him I think of you and him often.

  2. Enjoy your holiday you deserve it. You are very fortunate to have such fabulous parents fighting in your corner for you. But also remember that you gave a lot of us out here routing for you. We are your cheerleaders.

  3. Hi Carley, my son Michael has a big crush on you. He met you a couple of years ago at the Granite while he was power skating with Kent.

    We read all of your posts… And love your songs. You are beautiful, talented and inspirational ! keep on fighting and we are saying a prayer for your recovery. The skating coaches at the Granite were asking for you tonight when my sons were skating with Kent. Have a great relaxing stay in Florida. Keep writing and say hi to Tobi!

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