February 4th, the day my life changed

On February 4th 2013 I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in the right side of my trachea. I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time. I was sitting in my hospital bed waiting for the results of the CT scan. We had no idea what to expect, as far as I was concerned, I had exercise induced asthma. Within an hour or so my parents were having a pretty serious conversation with my doctor. At this time I was still pretty clueless as to what was going on, I was an elite athlete, I had a healthy diet, yet I was always short of breath, so we always thought I had asthma for sure. My parents looked pretty upset, and I saw a few tears running down my sister’s face. Now I’m really curious, all I could see was their facial expressions through the glass door of my room. They came back in and no one really said anything to me. My dad just held my hand and my mom kissed my forehead, and they said the doctors don’t exactly know what it is yet, I knew that was only half the truth.


  1. Honey,
    You are walking to surgery by yourself, but out of that operating room you have an army of people praying for you. the more people know about you the more love and prayers are out there for you.
    it is going to be hard not to get updated about your news right after the surgery, is it possible to have someone post your news here so that all these people who love you know how you are doing?? I hope so. love, samia gambino

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