Done Radiation 3.0

Finally done radiation for the third time!! My arm has increasingly developed more pain over the time period of radiation but we’ve been told that’s a good sign! And it will start to feel better soon!
I am SOOO excited to be leaving this deep freeze tomorrow morning and arrive in sunny Sarasota FLORIDA! I’m so lucky to be leaving this awful winter for a week and escaping to the warm with my dad and puppy Tobi! It’s gonna be an amazing time to just relax and let myself heal. The salt water makes me feel 200 times better, and breathing in the moist air will hopefully help the congestion In my chest.

On another note I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the amount of support and kind words I got from all of you regarding my “Human” video !! It was such an amazing experience and I cannot thank all of you enough for the support.! More music to come soon!!!!

Love you all xo


  1. Carly the good boxer after every fight need a cool down this is a time to look after you and especially your dad you both will come back stronger see you soon love joe

  2. Hi Carley- you probably don’t remember me but when you and your sisters were kids our dogs, Maggie and Katie (cock-a-poos) used to play with Jack in Cotswold Park. I just want to say that I think you are an amazing person. Have a wonderful time in Florida.

  3. we wish you and your dad and Tobi a week full of sunshine & sand between your toes and everywhere else:) have a great week and come back to sing some more beautiful songs

  4. No one deserves some time in the sun more than you do Carley. Hope you and Dad and Tobi have a great time!!!!!

  5. Hi Carley we are really looking forward to more music…Radio stuff is so boring …we are so looking forward to your next song …Love the Di Paola family

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