Done chemo day one!

its crazy to think that every time we said we wouldn’t do more chemo we jus end up doing more chemo. This is a different kind of chemotherapy and is administered through natureopaths. It is given with a drug to protect your organs and decreases the side effects. So far I feel great! Hoping it stays this way! I wil be having one week off one week Off so next week im free! 


  1. You’re a tremendous fighter Carley, we are always thinking of you and are very inspired by you.

  2. Hope your new treatments are going well Carley and that you’re feeling better with each one. We think of you everyday and can’t wait to hear what positive things are happening. Lots of love.

  3. He who gun so far just believe I’ll tell you a story when Sam hired me the things he said maybe strong everything is going to be okay

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